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What to Look for When Purchasing Commercial Safe?

For every business owner, it is extremely important to keep important documents safe and away from harm’s way. For this purpose, a business owner must invest in something called the commercial safe that can withstand heat, fire, and any other danger that such documents can be exposed to if left lying around. Sensitive documents and items need more protection than you might anticipate. But with so many safes to choose from, what will make or break it for you depends on the features or factors you give preference to. 

Commercial safes are the means to protect valuable information, items, or legal documents that can be worth something for thieves and burglars. Not just that, a weather-resistant safe is also one that can benefit you to a large extent. That being said, what works best for you is something you need to determine and chalk out the deal-breakers and must-haves.

Leave your worry and go through this exhaustive checklist you must ensure before investing in a commercial safe for your businesses. 

1. Go for the one best in quality

The Underwriter’s Laboratory, also known as the UL rating is considered the governing body for commercial and residential safety ratings. This can act as an effective factor for you to consider before you go in for a commercial safe. The UL rating mainly indicates two things; burglary safety and fire security. The safe with burglary rating shall indicate the ways on which you can protect your safe from break-ins, burglars, thieves against physical attempts to break it. Therefore, this rating is of utmost relevance while purchasing a commercial safe. Ratings such as ‘B’ are more vulnerable and can be used for less valuable items or residential use. 

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The TL-60X6 rated commercial safe is the toughest and strongest among the lot, recommended highly by professional for commercial use. As the break-in requires entering through all six sides of the safe, this rating stands out. The TL-30 is also one of the good ratings as breaking into one requires 3o minutes of intensive labor with heavy equipment, making it less of a target for burglars. 

2. Other ratings to consider

The other rating is the fire rating which also has a vital role to play. This rating determines the amount of heat and fire damage the safe can endure. The three standard ratings are: ½ hour rate, 1-hour rate, and 2-hour rate, having resistance up to that amount of time from heat and fire damage. 

3. Get in touch with a professional

Once you decide the safe that works well for you, the next step is to hire the right kind of help for proper installation. A professional locksmith technician will know the added features such as anti-picking and anti-bumping safe that will secure your items more efficiently. 

Go for the best in commercial locksmith services in town, Armour Locksmith! We have locksmith technicians ready to be sent to assist with your safety needs. Visit our official website to know more. 

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