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18 - All about Remote Keyless System

All about Remote Keyless System

Gone are those days when a building needed a physical-mechanical key to unlock and gain access to it. The remote keyless system is an efficient entry system that aims at making your daily life a little bit easier. These locks are controlled by a keypad that is located mostly in the main handle of the entrance and requires a pre-decided code to be entered to gain access to the building or vehicle. This innovative technology has enabled businesses to secure their entrance and limit access. How did this system come into play? How does it work? Let us find out all there is about the remote keyless system.

The emergence of the remote keyless system

The remote keyless system can be dated back to 1980 when it was introduced on the Ford thunderbird and Lincoln town car as a remote entry system for doors. Basically, there was a keypad installed on the driver’s door and a key had to be entered to unlock the doors of the car. The remote keyless system operated by hand-held transmitters was introduced in France in 1982 followed by an adaptation of this technology by Nissan in 1984 in its top models. Finally, in 1989, General Motors popularized the keyless system in the United States.

How does a keyless remote system work?

The working of the remote keyless system is not very complicated. The system contains a short-range transmitter, having a range of 5-20 meters that must be in range for the car to operate. At the button being pushed, the coded signals are sent by radio waves to a receiver which then automatically locks or unlocks the door. The proper functioning of the system can be indicated by the distinctive sound with flashing lights that it produces while at use. 

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Remote Keyless System and its Security

Although the system does not promise maximum security, the comfort and the ability to find your car among many make this system enviable. The system, despite sounding similar can vary from one car brand to another. The range of the transmitter also plays a key role in securing your cars from any mishaps. It is possible that some brands that remote system that can be tricked by carjackers using transmitters. This being the only major drawback, the keyless remote system provides convenience and enhanced accessibility. 

Hire professional help

For any and all problems attached to installing a remote keyless system, it is always better to take the assistance of a professional. The kind of insight and knowledge that a locksmith has over such keyless systems can be very beneficial for you. The system is prone to exposure and will require repairs or replacements if any. Having a professional set of eyes will enhance your remote keyless system experience. 

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