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17 - The Basis of Bio-metric Security

The Basis of Bio-metric Security

With a boom in the number of businesses sprouting, the threat of people with criminal intentions accessing trade secrets, business data, and documents has seen a sharp rise. The advent of technology has added new dimensions to the protection of these essential assets of a business. It may seem like the incorporation of technology such as biometric scanning is only a reality for multinationals and corporations, but a drastic shift is being seen in this sphere. Increasingly, efficient and adequate security measures that are easy on the wallet for smaller businesses are also available. Every business, regardless of their size, must consider integrating such effective measures:

The functionality of Biometric Scanners

A biometric scanner will typically match some part of a person’s body such as their fingerprint or iris and compare this to a digital recording which has been stored. The scanner will then permit the entry of a person into the business premises only if the digital record matches. The two most common data entries are fingerprint scans and iris scans. These two are common in particular since both of them are unique structures that are different for each person and are additionally very convenient to place in front of scanners without any trouble.

Benefits of Biometric Scanners

There is a plethora of benefits to these scanners.

  1. Distinct Identity 

Since each person has a unique fingerprint and iris, only those who have access to the premises can enter. 

  1. Reliance on memory is limited 

There is no pre-requisite of memorizing passwords or remembering to keep an access card at all times. These all act as additional burdens for the employees as well. 

  1. Scope of Misuse eradicated 

The scope of misuse becomes negligible as only the employee can enter. In case of access cards, someone else could have easily procured the ticket and misused access, however, such a case can not arise when biometric scanners are used. 

  1. Sets Accountability 

At times, it has been found that even employees may exploit access to the business premises. If the employer can track the data of a biometric scanner, it provides extra protection of accountability for actions as well.

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Metric of Security of these Scanners 

Biometric scanners are quite robust. They easily prevent infiltration by unwanted persons. Even if someone were to hack the scanner, they would have to exactly replicate a very sophisticated biological design, which is an arduous task. A few ways have been discovered to bypass the scanners such as using 3D printed molds of fingerprints; however, such instances can efficiently be dealt with by vigilant security and CCTVs.  

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