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15 - Is your Garage at risk of a break-in?

Is your Garage at risk of a break-in?

More often than not we worry about home security and double-check if we have latched the doors and windows properly or not. This paranoia comes from the increased rate of intruders and burglaries happening around us. Yet, there is one area of our house that we always tend to overlook, that is the garage. Garages are often ignored in terms of security, which is why they tend to become the primary target for intruders. 

You might think you are safe and there’s nothing valuable in the garage for the intruders to steal. However, you are highly mistaken as there have been numerous valuable things stolen from garages. It is time that you identify the vulnerabilities and work on better protecting your house and valuables. Here are a few instances to determine whether your garage is at risk of a break-in or not and tips to prevent any mishaps.

Things you tend to overlook:

  1. Leaving the door open: Irrespective of reliable door locks, it is often a simple human mistake that gives the intruders an opportunity to break-in. Make sure that you do not leave the garage door open for long periods as this will invite intruders to target your house. There are security systems that ensure that doors are fastened and windows are closed properly. Smart apps also help to check on your garage door and windows just through your smartphone. 
  2. Old needs change: Old garage doors tend to become less effective. You must make sure that you keep an eye out for any gaps in the garage door seal and work on the areas that need attention. 
  3. Lights Out: Poorly lit areas are the primary target for the potential intrusion. Therefore, it would be wise to go inspect your garage and identify the dingy corners, ensure its proper lighting to avoid risks. 

Few tips to keep in mind:

Deadbolt on service doors: The common entrance point of a garage is the service door, usually located in an isolated place not visible instantly. Make sure you install a good quality deadbolt on your service door to ensure nobody breaks-in through the entrance. Also, make sure that the interior entrance to your home is also installed with a deadbolt. This will ensure the security of your home in case the intruder does manage to somehow break into your garage. 

Windows: Ensure that all your windows are covered to prevent the intruders from eyeing on your valuable items in the garage.

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Home security system : Although expensive, the home security system will reduce the risk of intrusion more than you can imagine. Ensure that your home security also covers your garage. This way you can be stress-free about any possible intrusion into your well-secured property. Installing motion-activated lights in the exterior will ensure that no one enters your property unnoticed. 

Get professional help:

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