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5 Benefits Of Using A Keypad Door Lock In Ballwin, MO

The Reasons You Should Use A Keypad Door Lock In Ballwin, MO

In Ballwin, MO, using a keypad door-lock rather than traditional locks may seem new, but it’s definitely useful to have for many reasons. Armour Locksmith offers Ballwin keypad door lock installation on houses because it’s reliable and offers better security than traditional keys.

As many people are, you may be interested in having a Ballwin keypad door lock applied onto the door of your home. If this is the case, you may want to know some of the benefits first. The benefits of having one of these keypad locks on your home include:

  • Less Hassle

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

  • Security

  • Saves Money

Less Hassle with Keypad Door Locks

The first benefit that you will find by installing Ballwin keypad door lock on your home is how much less of a hassle it is to get in. You will never have to worry about losing your house key and getting locked out. It defeats the whole need to ever need to contact a friend or family member for a spare key, or need to call a Ballwin locksmith company like Armour Locksmith. Also, it eliminates those frustrating moments where you get home and have to search for your key or reach for your key when your hands are full. Now, you will be able to simply reach up and put the code in.


Reliability is a key factor when it comes to comparing a key and a keypad. Keys wear down over time, can break, get lost, or stolen. With a keypad, you will never have to worry about any of those things happening as the code will always remain the same as long as you don’t change it.


Another key factor of having a Ballwin keypad door lock put on your home is the flexibility it provides. With a keypad on your door, you can allow anyone to get into your home even without being there. You can give them the code over the phone and you can even change it when you want if you don’t want certain people knowing it anymore.


Even without a spare key, a Ballwin keypad door lock offers a higher level of security. Also, you have the ability to easily change the code whenever you want. Also, a burglar wouldn’t be able to break in by picking the lock, they would need to go as far as breaking the entire door or lock to get in.

Saves Money

You can also save money by installing a keypad. Rather than ever needing to buy an extra key for any family member or friend, you will just be able to give out your code for free.